Indiana Public Employers' Plan, Inc. (IPEP) is an Indiana not-for-profit corporation organized in December 1989. Its purpose is to operate a self-funded group program for the purpose of satisfying the obligations of the members under the Indiana Workers' Compensation Act, the Indiana Workers' Occupational Diseases Act and the Indiana Employers' Liability Act. Membership in IPEP is limited to political subdivisions and governmental entities of the State of Indiana. IPEP has approximately 700 active members.

  • IPEP's general objectives are to formulate, develop, and administer, on behalf of the member political subdivisions, a program of workers' compensation to obtain competitively priced coverage and to develop a comprehensive loss control program.
  • IPEP's underwriting policies have been established using underwriting principles used historically in the workers' compensation insurance industry. Rate-setting policies are developed from the rate program established by the National Council on Compensation Insurance as modified by IPEP's experience.
  • IPEP relies on approximately 250 independent insurance agents throughout Indiana selected by the individual member to represent it.
  • IPEP's goal is to control claim outcomes through members' efforts in loss prevention thereby keeping the occurrence of claims low.
  • IPEP is currently the largest provider of public entity workers' compensation in the State of Indiana and provides coverage for as much as $1,000,000,000 in public worker wages.
  • Each member is named-insured on an excess insurance policy which helps protect the member and IPEP from the costs of a catastrophic loss. This policy is underwritten by EMC Insurance Companies.