firefighters_stretcherFollowing are answers to the questions we hear most often about Claims. You may also have questions about other areas and may find those answers on one of our other FAQ pages.

What is the procedure for reporting a claim?
Please download the helpful guide here.

Do we have to report an injury even if the employee does not seek medical treatment?
Yes. Per the Indiana Workers' Compensation statute, any injury that takes place at work should be reported via the First Report of Injury form.

Do we report a claim if we don't think it happened at work or it is not work related?
Yes. If an employee reports that an injury occurred at work, you must file the claim. However, you should let us know that you have concerns or questions or that the claim warrants investigation.

Who completes the First Report of Injury?
The employer is required to fill out the First Report of Injury.

Is it necessary to have a designated physician?
It is strongly recommended that you have a designated physician. We would be happy to assist you with choosing a physician who is familiar with Indiana Workers' Compensation.

Do we have to pay employees when they miss work for treatment related to their work injury?
Yes. If an employee misses work for treatment of a work-related injury, the employer is required to pay them their regular wage for the time at the appointment and reasonable travel time to and from the appointment. The employer does have the right to request that treatment take place after working hours, if possible.

Are disability benefits taxable?
No. Workers' Compensation disability benefits are not taxable.

Is there a time limit to file a claim?
The injured worker has two years from the date of injury to file a claim. The employer has seven days from notice of the injury to file the claim.

When does an injured employee receive his or her first check for being off work?
The first check should be issued on the 14th calendar day off work.

Who schedules an employee's doctor appointments?
The claims representative schedules the appointments.

Can an injured employee choose his or her own doctor?
No. Per Indiana statute, the employer / claims administrator chooses the attending physician.

Will an injured employee get paid for mileage for driving to a scheduled appointment?
If the employee travels outside the county of employment, he or she is reimbursed for mileage. If treatment is scheduled within the county of employment, there is no reimbursement.

What happens if an employee doesn't like the selected doctor?
The employee should always voice any concerns to the claims representative. This does not necessarily mean that the doctor will change, but the claims representative can help resolve any issues.

If an employee owes child support, is that taken out of the Temporary Total Disability (TTD) check?
Child support is deducted from a TTD check only if there is a copy of a court order on file.

Who pays for a second opinion?
It depends. If it is an authorized second opinion, the Plan will pay. If an employee seeks out a second opinion independently, it will be at his or her own expense.