police carIndiana Public Employers' Plan, Inc. (IPEP) has long recognized that driving-related accidents are an area of significant claims loss for Indiana employers. Driving-related accidents for IPEP members total in the millions of dollars and have comprised 12% of overall member losses since the inception of IPEP. After 18 years of paying claims losses for Indiana governmental entities, IPEP embarked on an ambitious effort to reduce driving-related accidents and increase the overall wellness of its members' employees.

We started causing accidents. Simulated accidents, that is.

How does the training work? IPEP members provide a space on their lot for our 36' gooseneck trailer. We can take the trailer anywhere, making it accessible to even the most remote region of the State. IPEP's plan was to bring the training to the member, thus increasing Program participation and potentially increasing the overall impact of this cost-saving and life-saving Program.

Participants are guided through their training session which takes place with a state-of-the-art simulator designed and manufactured by the same company that builds the famous Link Flight Simulator used by both military and civilian flight schools. The simulator is set up with a car seat for police and ambulance situations or a truck seat for firefighter training. Exercises include obstacles such as sun glare, unheeding drivers, or blind intersections.

The Program currently trains approximately 1,600 drivers each year. The total capacity of the Program is increasing each year as gains are made in Program recognition, improved scheduling methods, and increased staffing.

Scheduling is currently accomplished by email or by calling 765-252-3028. In the coming months, scheduling capability will be added to the IPEP website.