ambulancefemale_bus_driverAbout the Simulator

IPEP utilizes a proactive approach to member safety.  One example of this is the implementation of a Driver Training Program which features a computerized driving simulator.

The primary emphasis of simulator training is directed toward the law enforcement officer and emergency vehicle operator, who must drive safely while attending to the business of crime prevention, radio communication, multi-unit tactical coordination, some limited form of mobile display terminal (MDT) operation and emergency driving.

The simulator provides an opportunity for the driver to experience law enforcement or emergency vehicle driving in complete safety.  Practice driving in the simulator following a particular agency's policy constraints is an excellent way to learn the expectations of the individual department.  Equally important is the opportunity to evaluate new driver's decision-making abilities before that driver is placed in a "real-world" situation.  Exposing the driver to the difficulties involved in safely operating a vehicle while performing other duties (e.g., use of radio) will better prepare that driver to become a competent law enforcement or emergency vehicle driver.

Experienced officers and drivers need to periodically practice coordinated activities, particularly in emergency driving situations.  The simulator can provide such practice in an environment that is hazard free and allows drivers to fine-tune their skills.  Moreover, individuals performing law enforcement duties on the street as well as emergency vehicle drivers have a need for recurrent training to evaluate knowledge of departmental policy.

Accountability for individual actions requires personnel be evaluated periodically to ensure a proper understanding of training techniques, procedures, policy requirements and legal restraints.

Reserve officers are also candidates for simulator training, for these officers are required to perform the same duties as fully compensated sworn personnel and therefore represent the same potential with regard to liability concerns.

Supervisors can be critical in controlling driving behavior if those individuals are properly prepared to perform their roles.  The simulator can provide a field environment as well as a perspective from the dispatch station.  A supervisor can get the practice and experience of evaluating and controlling emergency responses or pursuits.  Similarly, the department can evaluate and provide feedback to that supervisor to suggest better ways to manage those situations.

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