In keeping with the goal of increasing safety awareness and reducing workplace accidents, the IPEP Risk Management Team places a high priority in keeping IPEP members abreast of current developments in safety standards and regulations.  Please check this page regularly for all the latest safety news and pronouncements.

OSHA Requirements and Information

  1. Should you have an accident that results in a fatality you MUST call Indiana OSHA within 8 hours.
  2. Should you have 1 or more employees hospitalized overnight, you MUST call Indiana OSHA within 24 hours.  Amputations or loss of an eye must also be reported within 24 hours.
  3. OSHA Reporting Diagram Municipalities are subject to Indiana OSHA inspections and monetary fines.
  4. Many Indiana OSHA standards require you to have written programs.
  5. Should Indiana OSHA inspect your municipality, they will ask for the following:


The New High Visibility Apparel Requirements

Effective November 24, 2008, all employees near vehicular traffic, working around construction equipment or in a work-zone MUST wear high visibility apparel rated "ANSI 107-2004" either class 2 or 3.  In addition, this applies to police officers on the scene of an accident or directing traffic.  Also, it applies to firefighters on the scene of an accident and not suppressing a fire.