cop_radioIPEP Risk Management Department Training Classes:

Individual training classes are available through the IPEP Risk Management Department. The majority of the classes is based on OSHA compliance and may require annual training. Please refer to the IPEP Training List to see which classes will apply to your department.

OSHA 10-hour Courses

Interested in hosting an OSHA 10-hour class? Simply contact Peggy Hemming, our Risk Management Coordinator at 800-382-8837.

Our Risk Management Team Members all hold the designation of "OSHA Outreach Trainers" and are able to perform an OSHA 10-hour course at your facility. The course teaches the required standards from OSHA plus three courses from a pre-approved list of classes.

There is no registration fee for this class. Participants will be asked to copy a class template of the handouts for the class.

The IPEP Risk Management team is available by appointment, and by visiting the Risk Management Booth at one of the many trade seminars statewide. Please check the list below to see when they will be in your area.

Date(s) Event Location
June 8 - 12 Indiana League of Municipal Clerk Treasurers Indianapolis, IN
June 11 - 12 Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association Elizabeth, IN
August 19 - 22 Indiana Emergency Response Convention Indianapolis, IN
August 25 - 27 Indiana Street Commissioners Plymouth, IN
September 21 - 24 Association of Indiana Counties Annual Conference LaPorte, IN
September 21 - 24 Indiana Township Association Indianapolis, IN
September 28 - 29 Indiana School Board Association Indianapolis, IN
September 29 - October 1 Indiana Association of Cities and Towns French Lick, IN
October 28 - 29 Indiana League of Municipal Clerk Treasurers Columbus, IN
November 2 - 4 Big I Agents Convention Indianapolis, IN
December 1 - 3 Indiana Association of County Commissioners Indianapolis, IN
December 13 - 15 Indiana Association of Public School Superintendent Indianapolis, IN